What as happened to music nowadays?

As I watch channels on T.V like MTV, Fuse or VH1, I’m bombarded with different artists and bands and for some reason, their music isn’t really appealing to me. Is it because of the way they do music or more of the emphasis of the media with their private lives? Or the scandals the artist themselves make that makes their music less appealing to me?
I ask myself every time I see artists like Miley or Justin, and I think, why do I care if they are getting in trouble with the law or showing parts of their bodies that aren’t supposed to be flashed unnecessarily? I really don’t care about all the scandals these new artist make even though everyone has the right do whatever they want. I just think its unnecessary for them to be flaunting their naked bodies, or doing drugs or sleeping around,; its nothing I want to know about or keep reading/listening to because I SIMPLY DONT CARE! And at times its even annoying and gross.

I only care for the music, the lyrics of a song that make my emotions soar or touch me (emotionally) in a way that words can only do. Bands like 30 Seconds to Mars, Linkin Park, My Chemical Romance or the Used, to name a few, have inspired me with their music, the lyrics that actually mean something, not because of scandals or what they do in their private time. That’s actually one of the reasons I love these bands and more because they focus their attention on the music and what their fans want to hear.
Sure, Jared acts and does other side projects, Mike Shinoda of LP has music and art related projects as well as charity works plus a family to take care of, but that’s it, you don’t hear much, if any gossip from them (well of Jared maybe a bit more because of him being an actor and being good-looking).

I understand that artists like Miley or Justin and many other younger artists have a lot of money, they are young and want to do everything they imagine, but it seems that that is their only focus. People want to know everything about them and what they do and it seems that’s what’s “in” nowadays. A lot of people don’t seem to care about the music itself, just about what their favorite artist is wearing or doing. I have a life to live, even if its boring compare to others, but I don’t need to be doing what my favorite artist(s) do. I just want to listen to something that inspires me, that motivates me to move forward in life, and what the heck, to dance and sing my heart out. Isn’t that what music is all about? To unite people, to cheer them up or move them to do something positive or even get over something/or someone. “Music saves lives” people say, but nowadays it seems it does the opposite, with the focus being only on scandals and being popular.

For me, that’s what music is all about; creating happiness and moving me with lyrics that express what I cant say with my own words. And I will continue to support artists and bands that inspire me to be my best, not because of what they do in their private lives or the scandals they constantly do. I don’t need that in my life; I want something positive instead. So to bands like 30STM or Linkin Park, two bands that are always inspiring me with their lyrics, keep doing just that. Keep making music that inspires, that motivates, creativity in its purest form. You will always have a fan in me. For people that admire the new artists, like Miley, Justin, or whoever they like, that’s fine as well, I’m not the one to judge you, but I just don’t agree with the artists way of life or how they make music. Simple as that.


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